Workshops at ATOLL Festival

FR 15. September 2023, 3 pm

Object Manipulation & Movement

Workshop with Liza van Brakel (NL)

3 hours plus break, Ort: Halle76, Wolfartsweierer Str. 11

Participation fee: 30,- Euro, reduced 20 Euro, Registration:

Workshop language: English

A workshop on object manipulation under the aspect of movement. Liza van Brakel shows how to use juggling/objects in your movement vocabulary. The focus is not on learning to juggle, the technical aspect, but starting with one object, later with several objects, the participants playfully find/learn movement possibilities with objects.

Liza van Brakel discovered her love of object manipulation during her studies at Codarts Circus Arts (Rotterdam) and developed this discipline from a physical point of view into her own art form. The Dutch artist is a member of Gandini Juggling and Circus Fahraway, among others.

MO 18. September 2023, 6 pm

“Don’t Pretend (you are silly enough)” 

Clown-Workshop with Gerardo Tetilla (ARG)

3 hours plus break, Ort: Seminarraum, Wolfartsweierer Str. 11
Participation fee: 30,- Euro, reduced 20 Euro, Registration:

Workshop language: English

The workshop is aimed at: Artists, students, dancers, actors, curious people, educators, communicators, policemen, thieves, plumbers, presidents ... People in general (with or without experience). Cultivating spontaneity, improving your connection with the audience and developing your unique clown personality - that's what the intensive clown workshop is all about.

Immerse yourself in the joy of play, master reaction and availability, and develop strategies for comedic success. Discover your comedic potential, acquire valuable improvisation skills and become a confident performer.

Gerardo Tetilla was born in Argentina in 1981. At the age of 15, he began performing with various theatre and circus groups. In 2001 he came to Europe and toured as a clown and juggler. In 2006, he graduated from the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland with a Bachelor's degree in Movement Theatre. He then toured as a clown/lead actor with Circus Monti and as an actor and capo comico for the Dimitri Company, playing the lead role in the musical "Peter Pan World Arena Tour". In 2013 he graduated with a Master's degree in physical theatre from the Dimitri Academy. He is also the founder of Wakouwa Teatro Company, and is currently performing with Cie Roikkuva in "Empire of Fools".

Bring: comfortable clothes, preferably in neutral colours without writing, a bottle of water.

WE 20. September 2023, 6.15 pm

Talking about Circus

Short introduction to constructive audience feedback

30 minutes, Location: Seminar room, Wolfartsweierer Str. 11
Without fee, registration: